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SDIRA Lending Exemplified Live

Learn directly from Jeff how to do SDIRA Lending the right way.

A bigger and better IRA starts with a good plan

Are you using your IRA to purchase real estate investments? Are you worried about losing everything you've worked your whole life saving? Wondering if a lawsuit could get into your IRA and bleed it dry? Book an appointment today!

Ohio Workers' Comp Assistance

While Jeff is no longer practicing this type of law, he may still be able to help.


Lead by example. To have a positive impact through the development of behavior, character and integrity.


To publicly stand up for and defend the rights of all investors across these United States of America.


To guide investors through the due-diligence process enabling them to make quality investing choices.

Jeffery S. Watson

Jeff is one of the most highly sought-after attorneys in the country when it comes to Self-Directed IRA Investing. Jeff spends much of his time teaching & attending events and representing real estate investors in Washington D.C. Make sure you check out the Events page to see where Jeff will be next.

My Services

General SDIRA ?'s

Do you have a general question about Self-Directed IRAs? Do you need help setting up an account? If you need guidance, click below.
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IRA-Owned Entity

Are you looking for help setting up an IRA-Owned Entity? Need to know the ins, the outs, and the whys to owning one? Click below.
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SDIRA Investments

Need help structuring a deal you're working on? Do you need a second set of eyes to make sure it's a good deal? Click below.
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Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Jeff Watson for any new real estate investor and/or brand new business owner in general. As a “newbie” in the real estate investing arena, Jeff provided me with first steps to take to set my business up right from the get-go.
Emily Hay - Detroit Michigan
Jeff Watson's advice on how to structure business and personal taxes and "outside-the-box" thinking moved me into a MUCH lower tax bracket for my personal income this year! The accountant was AMAZED! Jeff knows and practices what he preaches!
Jerami King - Rochester Hills, Michigan
Jeff Watson is the best in the business, hands down. The ability to have Jeff Watson’s counsel is a priceless asset to our business.
Jessica Weaver - Saint Augustine, Florida

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