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I am an Ohio attorney who has been a real estate investor since 1994, investing in both residential and commercial properties. I currently represent established SDIRA lenders and investors in commercial and residential matters.
I have become recognized as a thought leader and teacher in the field of real estate investing, self-directed retirement account transactions and wealth protection.
From 2010 to present, I have led a lobbying effort in Washington, DC on behalf of real estate investors which has brought about several changes in both government regulation and policy on distressed property purchases, taxation and resales. Most recently, I have been involved in the efforts to prevent Congress from making changes that would drastically affect IRAs.
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There is a huge problem I need to address...

Poorly done SDIRA investing, particularly lending, can leave you ripped off! After seeing on average $50,000 to $100,000 per week in poorly made self-directed IRA loans, I knew something had to be done.

The best time to learn about SDIRA investing, especially lending,  is before you do it.
The next best time is before your next investment!

When SDIRA lending is done correctly, the following becomes true:

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Join me for two days of education focusing on
how to do SDIRA lending a better way.

In addition to learning the rules unique to self-directed retirement accounts, you will learn how SDIRA lending, when properly done, avoids the more complex of those rules and keeps you well within the safety margins of the rest of the IRS rules. This education will help you select and guide your local counsel as you do SDIRA lending.
Properly done SDIRA lending empowers YOU, the account holder, to grow your wealth tax free while assisting investors in benefitting the community. The topics will include:
  • Types of notes & important terminology to include in them
  • Word-by-word analysis of crucial loan terms
  • Necessary steps to properly draft and record security instruments
  • Guaranties, closing instructions & title commitments
  • Underwriting and due diligence on the borrower, the asset, and the overall deal
  • Making sure the title company or closing attorney is competent to close the transaction
  • How to work effectively with the custodian of your choice
  • How to select & work with competent local counsel

Bonus: Sample Documents Included!

Attendees will also receive sample transaction documents, including:
  • Proper loan application
  • Due diligence checklist
  • Samples of promissory notes, deeds of trust, mortgages, closing instructions, and other documents necessary to manage and oversee each of your investments.
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Attendance is limited to just 80 people to allow time for focused question-and-answer sessions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive 12 hours of my time for instruction and samples of relevant documentation you need to do SDIRA lending.

Register now before this event sells out!

This event will be held at the offices of Quest Trust Company in Dallas, Texas (Addison). Due to the generosity and hospitality of Quest, I’m able to keep the cost of this event below what it would normally be. Attendance is limited to just 80 people to allow time for the focused question-and-answer sessions that will be necessary.

Quest Trust Company in Dallas sits right in the middle of restaurant row. You will have so many choices for where to eat and where to stay. There will not be a hotel block for this event, but there is a plentiful selection of hotels all within close proximity of Quest’s offices, which are just a few miles from Dallas Love Field.

Real value: $5,000
Your cost
Only $949
Disclaimer: Neither reading this sales page nor attending this event creates any type of attorney-client relationship. This event is educational and is designed to make you both a better SDIRA lender and consumer of legal services in your market.
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