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Neither Jeffery S. Watson nor anyone with are CPAs, nor have they ever played one on TV. You need to verify anything and everything on this website using someone you trust and who claims to be a competent tax, business, investment or legal professional of your choosing. Remember, you are 100% responsible for your decisions and actions!
All material on this website is for classroom instruction only. It is here to cause you to think, to use your imagination, to ask questions and debate topics.

Documentation appropriate in one state WILL NOT be appropriate in another state. A creative deal structuring and/or funding technique suitable for one transaction is not suitable for most other transactions.
Warning: Those of us at fail miserably at being politically correct. If your feelings are easily hurt, if you are offended by small things, if you often feel the need to retreat to a safe place, if you regularly need hugs to comfort you, then you’ve come to the wrong website. You should leave immediately, if not sooner!

There, you have been advised!

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