Slow Down Your Thinking

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            Last week I shared with you a huge take-away from a recent event in which I shared the stage with David Goggins, a former Navy Seal who is an ultra-endurance athlete and inspirational speaker. David spent a great deal of time talking about making important decisions in your life. He also shared some experiences he had as a Navy Seal and as an ultra-endurance athlete when he faced critical life decisions. He shared that in those moments, you have to slow down your thinking and take a deep breath so the worry, fears, and sound of the “wheels running crazily” in your brain do not keep you from having a moment of clarity to evaluate both your options and the consequences of your choices so you can quickly make that important decision.

            When making important decisions, there are some things we need to remember:

  • Comfort is the enemy of success. Uncomfortable actions lead to getting things you otherwise would not attain. Winning the war against yourself requires work.
  • The path of least resistance is frequently booby trapped.
  • All improvement comes by stages.

            The last nugget I want to share is a very important concept regarding physical endurance. The brain kicks in at the 40% mark telling you you’re tired and done, but your body still has another 60% to go. We are capable of far more effort than what our minds tell us.

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