Deductions for Business Meals – Good News!

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            Late last week I began reading information from various credible tax authorities indicating that Congress had collectively slapped their hands to their foreheads when they realized that the Tax Reform Act of 2017 had disallowed deductions for business and client meals when that was not what they intended. We are not exactly sure how the lawmakers can...

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Slow Down Your Thinking

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            Last week I shared with you a huge take-away from a recent event in which I shared the stage with David Goggins, a former Navy Seal who is an ultra-endurance athlete and inspirational speaker. David spent a great deal of time talking about making important decisions in your life. He also shared some experiences he had as a Navy Seal and as an...

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The Forging Process

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            Perhaps the title of this email got your attention because of all the recent concerns about ID theft, data compromise and forgery, and the billions of pieces of information floating in cyber space and on the dark web that can be used by criminals to steal someone’s identity and wealth. That’s not what I’m referring to. As I’m writing this, my mind is...

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What’s Your Policy?

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            In a recent housing court case, the judge reviewed evidence submitted by my client as to the defendant-tenant’s payment history. Upon reviewing those well-kept records, the judge noticed that my client (prior to retaining me) had permitted a pattern of accepting rent due on the 1st of the month as late as the 15th or even the 20th of the month. The...

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Seldom-Practiced Success Principle

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            A few months ago, while having lunch in Tampa, Florida with a client and friend, we were talking about fundamental principles in our businesses. My friend shared with me how he had been working with some new real estate investors and helping them overcome some challenges they had experienced after having some good initial success in their business....

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If You Love Someone, Read This

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            Last week was awkward. It was the first of several meetings with a lady who had suddenly lost her husband, and she’s looking for help and guidance. The harsh reality is that he died with no life insurance coverage in place.             That same week I had a meeting with another lady who had also lost her husband but was fortunate enough to have been the...

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