One of My Heroes

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            The late Senator William Roth of the State of Delaware is one of my heroes. This man persisted for years in trying to amend the tax code in order to create a way for average Americans to wisely invest hard-earned money so that it could grow tax-free and, under the right circumstances, be spent tax-free. Roth IRAs became available in the mid-1990s. I...

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Being Persistent

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            There are times when I have felt overwhelmed by all the tasks and responsibilities I have to perform in order to keep an endeavor moving. I came across a strategy that helps me manage those days when I feel that way. Verify that your current tasks are consistent with what you are really seeking to accomplish long term. Map out the steps necessary in...

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            I’m sure you’ve heard of it, the carnival game in which you are given a mallet so you can attempt to whack the little creatures that pop up randomly and persistently from the holes in the game board. I recently engaged in a different form of whack-a-mole. Mine was whack-an-email.             I sat down in front of my laptop with my primary email account...

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Part 3, Co-Wholesaling: A Disaster!

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            You have the opportunity to buy a good property on great terms. You think it would be a great property for you to fix and flip or, if you get too busy, possibly wholesale to another rehabber. I suggest that after speaking with the seller, the first thing you do is make a quick online search by going to the website for the local county auditor or county...

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Being Liable for Your Contractor’s Actions

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            In my previous post I briefly explained the doctrine of respondeat superior, which is Latin for “let the master answer.” In today’s vernacular, it means “let the employer be financially responsible for the conduct of employees and agents.” Remember, an agent can be either an employee or an independent contractor.             I’ve seen cases in which the...

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Clarity in Communication

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            The other day I was instructing my assistant on a minor change that needed to be made to one page in a document we were preparing for a client. Due to the fact that I was not specific in providing detailed instructions, my assistant did it in a way that was perfectly correct but not exactly what I was looking for. A few hours later I had a phone...

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